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NEWS: Martin Logan charges up its Dynamo subwoofer

Kansas-based audio company Martin Logan, best known for its electrostatic speakers, had added a subwoofer to its range. But the Dynamo is far from the usual American 'oversized, overpriced and over here' exercise: it measures around a foot (30cm) on each side, and retails for £499.

Distributed in the UK by Absolute Sounds, the Dynamo uses a 25.4cm driver and a 200W amplifier, and unusually can be configured for either downward-firing or forward-firing use, thanks to a sealed enclosure. An inverse mathematical equalisation filtering system is used for set-up, this claiming much better sound than the simpler designs found in some rival subwoofers, and the amplifier is of a switch-mode design

There are both line-level and speaker-level inputs, along with line-level outputs, allowing it to be inserted into a standard stereo amp's tape loop or daisychained with other subwoofer, and there are separate settings for each input, allowing one set-up for music and another for movies.

Bass extension is claimed down to 30Hz, and the Dynamo comes complete with standard feet and floor-spikes.

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