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NEWS: Isotek launches 'best ever' mains cables

Mains specialist IsoTek has launched upgraded versions of its four-strong mains cable range, with treatments including deep cryogenic treatment of the the connectors. The new range claims 'a cleaner, fresher, more natural delivery from audio and video components alike'.

Two of the cables – Premium and Elite – are designed for source components such as CD and DVD players, while Optimum and Supreme are designed for high-current applications such as power amps, subwoofers and projectors.

The entry-level Premium, at £60 for a 1.5m length, plus £10 for each extra metre, uses 16-amp oxygen-free copper conductors with double shielding against radio-frequency and electromagnetic interference.

The Elite cable (£90/1.5m, plus £15/m) uses a new IsoTek IEC connector at the equipment end, with gold plating for the current-carrying parts and deep cryogenic treatment at temperatures approaching -196C.

IsoTek admits there's plenty of scientific debate about why this deep cooling technique works, but says cables and connectors treated this way 'sound better, and that is easily proven by a simple listening test.'

Optimum (£149.95/1.5m. plus £15/m)uses thicker triple-screened 20A conductors, and an MK Duraplug on the mains socket end, while Supreme (£194.95/1.5m. plus £25/m) replaces the MK plug with a gold-plated, deep cryogenically treated Furutech mains plug.

IsoTek Creative Director Keith Martin says of the cables: 'Our engineers spent months measuring the resistance from the power station to the wall socket and concluded that a ‘dirty’ plug would create more resistance than all the wire in-between.

'It’s easy to forget that the power supply only steps down to 230 Volts near to your home; when at 500,000 Volts, the power loss is minimal. For this reason, the quality of connectors, purity of cable and RFI/EMI rejection is critical.'

IsoTek cables are distributed in the UK by Activ Distribution

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