NEWS: Gear4 picks up the beat with novel DUO iPod dock

Gear4 has come up with a novel twist on the iPod dock concept with its new DUO 2.1 home stereo speaker system, launched today.

Created for use with an iPod, the DUO combines a bass unit with a detachable satellite speaker. The two can be used together as a single home music system, or the satellite speaker can be detached and taken around the house or garden to ensure your music follows you wherever you roam.

The concept is user friendly too, with the satellite speaker designed to be charged by the bass unit when docked, using a Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery.

Using Gear 4's own Seamless Sound Technology (SST), the DUO allows uninterrupted playback between the bass and satellite, even during docking and undocking.

The package comes complete with its own remote control, five iPod adapters, fold-out stand, retractable iPod dock and an optional travel pack that includes a spare battery and hard carrying case.

For those of you interested in figures, the DUO pumps out 38w in total, with the bass unit housing a 20W subwoofer and the satellite holding four tweeters.

Currently the DUO is priced at £149.99 (199.99 Euros), with details of where to buy at

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Andy Clough

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