NEWS: Free films from BT Vision – as long as you promise to watch the ads

BT Vision is to run trials of a new service that allows its customers free film rental in return for watching targeted advertisements through its BT Vision Download Store.

The three-month trial enables customers to watch three films – Mischief Night, Played and The Punk Rock Movie – at no cost.

However, at the time of the rental customers will be asked to download free video software from Hiro Media and to provide anonymous demographic information that will then enable the software to tailor the advertisements automatically depending on the answers given.

Once downloaded the film will be available for one month, and providing the viewer is online, different ads will be shown at each viewing. Viewers can also send the film to friends via email to be viewed on the same terms.

Antony Carbonari, BT Vision's interactive and commercial media director, says: "This will be a fascinating trial: the concept of targeted TV advertisements is now a reality. We believe that sympathetically-placed, targeted advertising combined with a viral film-sharing capability and free content will be attractive to many customers."

BT Vision's online video store is available to all UK broadband customers, regardless of which internet service provider they use.

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Andy Clough

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