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NEWS: Creative gets more Stoned with Plus player

This is the brand-new Plus version of Creative's tiny ZEN Stone MP3 player, which now comes with 2GB memory and a new round screen to make navigating the music even easier.

The new £50 Creative Zen Stone Plus measures just 55.6x35.3x12.8mm, and weighs 21g complete with its onboard Li-Ion battery. It handles MP3 and WMA formats up to 320kbps, WMDRM protected files and Audible, and has a built-in microphone for voice recording.

Other facilities extend to a clock/stopwatch on the blue 64x64-pixel display, a customisable equaliser, shortcut access to key features and an onboard FM tuner. The player supports drag and drop USB 2.0 file transfer, and of course is supplied with the little headphones shown above.

The Zen Stone Plus comes in a wide range of colours - black, white, red, blue, pink and green - and can be used with a selection of accessories. These include a wristband, an armband, a keyring holder (left) and silicone skins to match the colours of the players.

It can also be used with Creative's battery-powered TravelSound ZEN Stone dock, which sells for £30.

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