If you're a Naim Uniti owner and feel like you could benefit from Spotify Connect, or if you are thinking of buying a Uniti unit but are put off by the lack of Bluetooth, then it's good news. Naim has just announced it will be adding support for both, in the entire Uniti range.

The Uniti all-in-one players will now be available with an aptX Bluetooth module for wireless streaming and support for Spotify Connect, allowing users to control their premium Spotify account from the Uniti player.

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Naim has also said its range of network players will now support Spotify Connect, but not Bluetooth. 

Spotify Connect will be available as a free software update for streaming product owners; more details about this will be released soon. Those wishing to have Bluetooth will need to purchase a new Bluetooth version of a Uniti player. 

The pricing of the entire range has been changed to reflect this upgrade, and they are as follows: SuperUniti, £3675; NaimUniti 2, £3050; UnitiLite, £1995; UnitiQute 2 (pictured), £1295. 

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Love my NAIM kit and and after 20 years always will, but a 50% price hike in 5 years on the original UNITI..........REALLY?

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Wouldn't Tidal and Qobuz be more appropriate?

Strange that Naim have partnered with Spotify who are still streaming a max 320kbps and seem to have little ambition to improve.  Surely such fantastic Hi Fi should be partnering with Qobuz and Tidal who are streaming FLAC files at CD resolution.  Perhaps this is on its way?