Musical Fidelity continues its Nu-Vista refresh with an updated high-end integrated stereo amp

Musical Fidelity 800.2 stereo amplifier in black
(Image credit: Musical Fidelity)

Musical Fidelity continues the revitalisation of its range of high-end hi-fi products with the announcement of the Nu-Vista 800.2, its new flagship integrated amplifier

This sequel follows the releases of the PRE, PAS and PAM models in the Nu-Vista range earlier this year, with Musical Fidelity citing difficult to source components as the reason the original Nu-Vista 800 (launched in 2015) was due for an upgrade.

Enter the Nu-Vista 800.2. Musical Fidelity says that this new version stays true to the original design of the 800 amplifier, adding only refinements and technological advancements that the latest additions to 2023’s Nu-Vista series also received. 

The Nu-Vista 800.2 features four stereo RCA inputs as well as a stereo XLR input, allowing the amp to receive and handle any line-level analogue source. It also features both fixed and variable analogue outputs for wider system building. Additionally, there is a home-theatre bypass option for using the amp in a surround sound system.

The unit makes use of four 6S51N nuvistor valves in its pre-amplifier stage, which is then connected to separate amplifier stages. This is said to allow for ‘true stereo separation and a brilliantly deep sound scape’. The power amp stage is inspired by the iconic TITAN amplifier and is rated at 330W at 8 ohms, which should be more than enough to drive even the most demanding loudspeakers. 

The power-supply circuitry of the 800.2 has been upgraded from the previous model; the large transformers have been rewound to help achieve lower standing flux and improved noise characteristics. Musical Fidelity also promises new levels of low distortion in the 800.2.

Alongside the typical controls expected from a remote control, users are now able to power the unit up or switch it to standby using the remote, which is a nice quality-of-life feature to add. Sitting between the two oversized control knobs is a new larger display screen with a variety of different view options, including a classic VU-meter style. 

In terms of build quality, the 800.2 is said to be ‘uncompromisingly solid’, something you would definitely expect and want from a product in a range of this pedigree. The weight of the chassis is said to resist mechanical vibrations and airborne interference, while the front and side extruded aluminium panels ‘act as a Faraday cage’, protecting the unit from external electromagnetic fields. 

The Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista 800.2 integrated stereo amplifier will retail at £10,999 / €11,990 (other prices pending) and is available now in either black or silver finish.


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