Musical Fidelity revitalises Nu-Vista range with high-end hi-fi separates

Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista PAS
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Musical Fidelity has added new all-analogue hi-fi separates to its premium Nu-Vista range. The new line has been designed to deliver the British audio brand's founding aim of delivering "real-life dynamic reproduction of music" and, when combining the separates, also promises to deliver "performance that sounds like a dream".

High claims indeed, but these are high-quality separates with price tags to match. The new range consists of the Nu-Vista PRE pre-amplifier, Nu-Vista PAS stereo power amplifier, and Nu-Vista PAM monobloc amplifier.

The all-analogue amplifiers have been designed from the ground up, featuring Nuvistor valves, fully balanced discrete circuitry, and extensive connectivity. Additionally, all products come with their own matching, separate power supply units to further optimise performance and reduce noise.

The Nu-Vista PRE and PAS both are Class A designs that use, for the first time, fully discrete balanced circuitry, with eight (four per channel) 6S51N Nuvistor valves in the buffer stage. The PRE also has a pair of mini power amps (outputting around 50W) operating in Class A, which claims to deliver strong driving capability and dynamic range, as well as help lower noise and distortion levels.

The PRE's volume control features a precision-matched stepped attenuator, allowing for stereo imaging to remain detailed and precise regardless of how low or high volume you're listening at. The pre-amp has 12 inputs in total: six line level RCA and six fully balanced XLR connections. RCA and XLR outputs come in fixed and variable options each, too. Additionally, the PRE has a +6dB gain boost button to help with system matching – it also cleverly remembers which input needs this feature.

Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista PRE and PRE PSU

(Image credit: Musical Fidelity)

The Nu-Vista PAS power amp has a high-power (300W into 8 ohms), low-distortion output stage with five thermally compensated output devices per channel, for more stable operation. It further takes inspiration from Musical Fidelity's iconic Titan amplifier by having separate capacitors for the bulk supply – one each for the output devices. The brand claims this reduces output impedance, thus improving dynamics.

The power amp features two line level RCA inputs, two balanced XLR inputs, and single fixed RCA and XLR outputs. 

All products come with an outboard power unit (PRE PSU and PAS PSU/PAM PSU) in a matching chassis. This keeps the AC mains power supply away from the main amp unit, thus removing interference from the main units' circuits. It's worth noting that the PSU units are similar in dimensions and weight to the main pre and power units (a hefty 25kg for the PRE, and even heftier 40kg for the PAS and PAM) so make sure there's ample space and support for each unit before you take the plunge. 

And finally, the PAM mono-block effectively separates the PAS power amp into two modules for those that want better channel separation. The PAM has a modified internal design thanks to the extra space, with a bridged output amplifier stage using two pairs of high-power, thermally compensated output devices. The result? More power (600W into 8 ohms), improved imaging and greater ability to drive speakers, says Musical Fidelity.

Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista PAM

(Image credit: Musical Fidelity)

On top of that, the Nu-Vista range is claimed to have build quality befitting its five-figure price tags. Available in black or silver, the aluminium chassis also features dimmable VU meters on the front panel.

The new Nu-Vista series will start shipping "during the early part of 2023" and will only be available through "specially selected" retailers around the world.

The Nu-Vista PRE pre-amplifier will cost £20,499 ($23,930.50 / €22,000), the Nu-Vista PAS stereo power amplifier will cost £21,999 ($26,106 / €24,000) and Nu-Vista PAM mono-block amplifier is priced at £20,499 ($23,930.50 / €22,000) each.

There will be more models joining the Nu-Vista range throughout 2023 and 2024, so keep your eyes peeled.


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