MUNICH HIGH END SHOW: Naim gets even more connected with UnitiServe and HDX-SSD

Naim UnitiServe

The player can then be used with external NAS drives, with Naim saying at least half of HDX owners and potential owners would prefer to store their music remotely.

The company says that the HDX-SSD 'also gets significant performance improvements with double the RAM to reduce paging and therefore reduce variable current draw and more importantly a new Naim designed low-profile PCI audio card.

'This new card, designed for a single stereo output, is further optimised and consumes less current than the one it replaces. This delivers a twofold opportunity for a sound quality improvement.

'These improvements are also heard on the digital output.'

All the new products will be available in July, and existing HDX owners can upgrade with the new RAM and PCI card. An upgrade to the SSD drive will require the return of the player to Naim or local distributors.

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