Creek Destiny 2 amplifier
Upgraded high-end amp and player go on sale next month, at £1600 and £1400

Creek used the Munich High End Show, which closed yesterday, to launch upgraded Mk2 versions of its high-end Destiny amplifier and CD player. The Destiny 2 models will go on sale in June, at £1600 for the amp and £1400 for the player.

The Destiny 2 amp is said to "use all the analogue sound optimisation techniques and components collected by Mike Creek during his many years in the industry and importantly, continues with its use of a unique Mos-Fet power amplifier circuit and passive or active pre-amplification."

The 2x100W amp has improved circuitry, but retains the hefty 300VA low-noise toroidal transformer of the original, with a separate transformer for standby operation and digital control circuits.

Four inputs are provided, along with a tape loop and an AV Direct input, bypassing the preamp and feeding the power amp section directly.

The preamp itself can operate in entirely passive mode, or at one of three user-selectable active gain settings, and the amplifier can also be fitted with the company's Sequel Phono board, which comes in low and high MM versions.

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Upgrades to the Destiny 2 CD player include a high-quality dedicated CD transport mounted compliantly, with CD decoder and servo motor control functions performed by a new Philips chipset.

This is located on a dedicated circuit board mounted directly under the laser assembly for the shortest possible signal routing, providing the Destiny 2 with what Creek calls "a self-contained CD transport module".

Digital to analogue conversion is performed by the Cirrus Logic CD4396 24-bit/192kHz chipset, with reclocking circuitry used to eliminate jitter.

Performance has been enhanced by changes to the circuit layout, and the player uses three separate encapsulated toroidal transformers to keep digital and analogue supplies apart.

Both components are housed in custom-extruded casework, and will come with a new Creek SRC3 remote handset, which will also be standard with all of the company's products manufactured from June onwards.

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