Monitor Music
Set to include a series of music releases in digital and CD form, Monitor Music has two free high-quality downloads for visitors

With the likes of Linn and B&W already offering music content for the discerning downloader, Monitor Audio has seen fit to join the party, with Monitor Music.

The service sees the manufacturer partner with 33 Records and Koolworld Studios to offer the first release from versatile singer Zoe Galant.

Monitor Audio promises more music releases through the site and is currently offering two free downloads from the Zoe Galant album Long Time Coming as a taster.

Available in FLAC, AIFF or MP3 192kbps – 320kbps next time please! – head over to the Monitor Music website to get hold of them.

Releases can be previewed online, then downloaded or purchased on CD, if the Zoe Galant release is anything to go by.

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We're waiting on further details on Monitor Music and will report back as soon as we have more news.

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