Meze Audio's 109 Pro open-back headphones are now available

Meze Audio 109 Pro open-back headphones
(Image credit: Meze Audio)

Meze Audio has officially launched its first-ever dynamic open-back headphones. The 109 Pro, which promise the brand's "highest standards of comfort, design and audio reproduction", can be yours for $799 /  £749 / AU$1400.

Made from premium materials including responsibly-sourced black walnut wood, ultra-strong manganese steel and vegan leather, the 109 Pro promise a luxurious listening experience coupled with the premium headphone firm's latest technology.

The artfully-crafted cans are powered by completely new, custom-designed Dual-Composite 50mm drivers – a combination of Beryllium-coated polymer, cellulose - carbon fiber composite and copper-zinc alloy – that are said to be capable of reproducing high frequencies (5Hz-30KHz) with "incredible detail, clarity and definition". 

Meze Audio 109 Pro headphones

(Image credit: Meze Audio)

"Our obsession with art, exceptional sound and timeless design drives us. We only create what we love, and the 109 Pro is no exception to that," said Antonio Meze, the Romanian company's lead designer and founder.

Another interesting aspect of the 109 Pro is that all the individual pieces can be replaced (the headphones are assembled using nuts and bolts). Meze Audio refers to them as "endlessly serviceable".

The design of the 109 Pro might take some of its inspiration from the firm's best-selling closed-back 99 Classics (£269 / $309 / AU$500) but the upgraded driver and extra outlay would suggest a serious leap in performance.

So, how will the 109 Pro compare to the best audiophile headphones? It's too early to say but if you're in the market for open-backed headphones, you might want to stroll down to your local Meze Audio dealer.


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