Meridian upgrades and extends G Series hi-fi and home cinema range

Meridian G08

"The new G Series family is both broader and deeper," says Meridian co-founder and lead designer Bob Stuart, "offering our customers more individual routes to obtaining Meridian-level music and home-cinema system performance.

"We've also taken the oppurtunity to introduce advances such as the new series' slot-load drive, and USB audio connectivity."

The full G Series family now consists of:

G68 AXD surround processor
The G68 digital/analogue preamp/processor is extended into two versions, the G68 AXD and the G68 XXD. The G68 AXD has digital and analogue connectivity, including four channels of balanced analogue outputs plus 10-channel unbalanced ouputs, as well as Meridian's proprietary DSP engine, and a USB audio input. It's available now for £4995.

G68 XXD surround processor
The G68 XXD is the same as the AXD (above), but has fully-balanced analogue connections with an eight-channel balanced output. It also costs £4995.

G61R surround processor
The G61R is an upgrade of the original G61, a compact and more affordable processor, which now includes Meridian's Room Correction processing and USB audio connectivity. It costs £3500.

G92 DVD player/controller/tuner
The G92 combines much of the functionality of the G61R with an integrated optical disc drive – the same slot-loading mechanism found in Meridian's G95 DVD receiver system – and with Faroudja video processing up to 1080p.

It's also equipped with an HDMI output and FM/AM tuner, and retails for £3895.

The same as the G92 above, but with a DAB/FM tuner replacing the AM/FM unit. It costs £4250.

G96 DVD transport
A new slot-loading mechanism enables the G96 to play DVDs and CDs, and has an HDMI output, Faroudja digital video processing and Full HD 1080p capability. It costs £3350.

G06.2 CD player
The G06.2 is one of two revised CD players. It, too, uses a slot-loading mechanism, incorporates audiophile-grade circuits and topology developed from the G08 and has Class A analogue stereo outputs. It sells for £1695.

G08.2 CD player
Evolved from the Meridian 800, the new G08.2 (pictured) has fully-balanced Class A analogue outputs (as well as unbalanced analogue outs), a slot-loading mechanism and Merridian's digital audio upsampling/reformatting to 176.4kHz/24-bit for greater musicality, transparency and precision. It costs £2395.