Meridian launches £11,000 808v6 CD player

Meridian says the v6 offers several improvements over its predecessors, including MQA decoding and rendering to deliver “studio quality reproduction” via digital and analogue outputs.

But the 808v6 is first and foremost a CD player, and one which offers playback from an internal CD-ROM based drive. Meridian says it allows for “data recovery and error correction many times better than that employed in standard CD systems”.

Inputs include USB and RCA, both of which can receive audio up to 192kHz, and there's a Meridian SpeakerLink connection. An improved DSP chip, which not only allows for MQA support, but also lip-sync control and DSD playback.

The analogue outputs benefit from bass, treble and balance controls too, while the upsampling filter aims to get the best out of CD resolution audio.

The CD player joins the new Audio Core and the DSP5200.2 and DSP7200.2 speakers, announced last month.

The Meridian 808v6 is available in black for £11,000 or in the complete range of 270 Meridian Select colours for £11,500.

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