Memorex expands its portfolio of in-ear headphones

Memorex in-ear headphones

The EC100 and WR100 in-ear models are aimed at sporty types, or those with "active lifestyles": the adjustable ear clips should keep them securely in place, and the WR100s have the added benefit of being water-resistant should you be going for a long jog or cycle in the rain.

For those with a more relaxed lifestyle, the CB25 EarBuds (shown) are available in four colours to match the iPod nano: orange, blue, green and black. They're supplied with three sets of silicone ear tips.

And finally, the EB50 metallic EarBuds come in a choice of three "vibrant" colours: blue, green and pink metallic.

Suggested retail prices are:

EC100: £17.99

WR100: £17.99

CB25: £8.99

EB50: £12.99

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