McIntosh launches MCT450 CD/SACD transport

McIntosh says the MCT450 can deliver "the optimum performance" from CDs and SACDs when connected to other McIntosh components with digital inputs, unsurprisingly, from A/V processors, integrated amplifiers and preamplifiers.

Outputs include a digital balanced connection, which supports audio up to 24-bit/192kHz, coaxial (24-bit/96kHz), optical (24-bit/192kHz) and DIN. When used with SACDs, the MCT450 has a dedicated DIN output for connecting to compatible McIntosh equipment with a DIN input, such as the D150 digital preamp.

Support isn't just given for CDs and SACDs, CD-R and CD-RW discs are also supported, with a twin-laser optical pick-up "assuring optimal disc-reading". Discs are loaded into an aluminium die-cast tray.

The MCT450 features power control and data ports, allowing users to control the unit via other McIntosh components. The system is housed within McIntosh's distinct stainless steel chassis with a classic black-glass front panel.

The McIntosh MCT450 is available now for £4500.

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