marantz m-cr502
M-CR502 CD receiver offers DAB/FM, USB input, iPod compatibility - and bridged/bi-amp configuration

The latest in the line of compact all-in-one systems from Marantz, the £500 M-CR502, ticks all the boxes when it comes to specifications - and then goes a bit further.

It has an FM/DAB tuner, a CD player able to handle MP3/WMA files as well as conventional discs, a USB input for music on memory devices and iPod compatibility using one of the company's docks.

But it also has another trick up its sleeve: within the casework are twin stereo amplifiers, each capable of 2x25W output.

These can be used to drive two sets of speakers in different rooms, can biamp suitable biwirable speakers, or can be bridged to give a conventional 2x50W power output.

The system, housed in an aluminium case with a gloss black fascia, offers 50 radio presets, an analogue auxiliary input alongside that USB socket on the front panel, and a headphone output.

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Alarm and sleep functions are also provided, and the casework is designed to conceal connections to the rear panel, which extend to two line inputs and a line-out, a subwoofer output and a connection for system remote control. There's also a detachable mains cable.