Making Apple's EarPods sound half-decent? Dirac has an app for that…

Swedish company Dirac Research has launched its Dirac HD Player app for iPod Touch, iPhones and iPads, designed to optimise the often-critcised sound of Apple's standard Earphones and EarPods.

Its audio engineers have used the same digital technology the company supplies to the likes of Naim, Rolls Royce, BMW and Datasat 'to overcome the acoustic limitations inherent to the earphones supplied by Apple'.

Using precise acoustic measurement of of the standard Earphones and EarPods, the company has created a tailored sound processor delivering 'extended bass response, smooth accurate midrange and artefact-free high frequencies truly representative of the original recording.

See what's inside the Apple EarPods

Dirac CEO Mathias Johansson says that 'The Dirac HD Player is compatible with the iTunes library—you just listen to your music and create playlists like you are accustomed to doing, while the optimisation runs in the background. There is no need for any technical know-how

'Our advanced algorithms make the earphone actually perform better, producing the most clear, natural sound possible from these devices. You cannot achieve this with legacy solutions such as psychoacoustic sound effects or graphic equalisers'.

The Dirac HD Player app is available as a free Lite version, or in a full version for £1.99 with extended functionality including support for playlists, and works with iPhone 4/4S/5, fourth and fifth-generation iPod Touches, iPads from iPad 2 onwards, and the iPad mini.

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