Magico's new S7 speakers – yours for £60k

The S7 is a full range, three-way speaker and benefits from tweeter, midrange and bass driver designs taken from the company's £130,000 M-Project speaker.

Each speaker features an acoustic suspension enclosure, which has curved aluminium side panels half an inch thick. The internal bracing for each enclosure has been positioned to try and keep resonance to a minimum and to create an “ideal operating environment.”

Magico has produced new 10in bass drivers for the S7, and each speaker gets three drivers each. The new drivers have “extremely powerful magnets” and “ultra-stiff aluminium cones”. Magico claims these produce “deep, powerful bass frequencies with speed and accuracy.”

The cone for the 6in midrange driver is claimed to be 20 per cent lighter and 300 per cent stiffer than pervious designs - the driver has its own purpose built sub-enclosure made from material unique to Magico.

Finally, a new 1in tweeter with a diamond-coated beryllium diaphragm has been fitted to the S7. Magico says it has ultra-wide dispersion capabilities and ultra-low distortion.

The Magico S7 speakers are available from July for £58,000 to £64,000 depending on the specified colour finish - Magico offers an range of "automotive-quality" paint options.

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