Looks like the AirPods Max 2 could come with a proper case, thankfully

Looks like the AirPods Max 2 could come with a proper case, thankfully
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The case for the AirPods Max isn't very good, but Apple could fix that with its next generation of over-ear headphones. According to Patently Apple (via 9to5Mac), the firm has patented a new case for its next AirPods Max. And it looks a lot better than the original.

Not exactly hard, you might be thinking. The AirPods Max case was universally derided not only for its looks (many compared it to a bra), but also for its awful functionality – it doesn't really protect the headphones. In our review, we called it "near pointless".

But the new case should change all that. For starters, it would cover all of the headphones, unlike the original. It would also feature a magnetic clasp that could have a similarly satisfying open-and-close mechanism to the standard AirPods case.

According to the patent, the case would still drop the headphones into ultra-low power mode, which can preserve the battery for months. That was about the only useful feature of the original case that we found.

A new case was one of our top requests that we'd like to see in the AirPods Max 2. Looks like Apple has been paying attention. Now it just needs to add lossless compatibility, a 3.5mm headphone jack and a bundled audio cable, and we'll be happy.


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