Logic3's Valve80 iPod dock looks familiar

Logic3 Valve80

The £299 tube amp and speaker combo will charge your iPod while it's in situ, the amp is made from steel with a mirror finish and the front panel has just two switches – one for volume and the other for output selection. All other functions are accessed via the remote control.

Logic3 claims a power output of 40W RMS per channel, although we'll reserve judgement on that until we've tested it, and the piano black speakers are equipped with 25mm silk, shielded dome tweeters and 12.7cm Kevlar mid/bass cones.

Nominal impedance is 8 ohms and sensitivity 85dB/w/m.

The amp has two sets of auxiliary analogue inputs for connecting other source components, and composite and S-Video outputs if you want to hook up your iPod via the dock to your TV.

The Logic3 Valve80 will be available in December from Costco, John Lewis, HMV, Micro Anvika and online at Amazon.