Linn Radikal
New Radikal motor control and Urika phono stage to be demonstrated at a series of dealer events

Linn is describing as "simply out of this world" the improvements brought to its classic LP12 turntable by the new Radikal motor control unit and Urika onboard phono stage – and to prove it, it's staging a series of special events at selected dealers.

The new Radikal system comprises a control box (illustrated), DC motor and power supply, which together offer new levels of speed accuracy, plus "radically reduced electrical and mechanical noise"

There's a new onboard speed management system with automatic calibration giving more accurate speed control, and the motor has been designed for a low magnetic field and electrical noise, as well as being housed in a machined housing to cut vibration and resonance.

The Radikal control unit and power supply is available in a standard Linn chassis, in black or silver, at £2500 for the system, or in a machined-from-solid chassis to match the company's Klimax range, for £4500.

Also new is the Urika moving-coil phono stage, which fits inside the turntable. This position greatly reduces the signal path, for a cleaner sound, and the dual-mono amplifier is mounted on its own suspension.

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With both conventional RCA outputs and balanced XLRs, the Urika sells for £2250. Or it can be bought in a package with either of the versions of the Radikal, for £4200 or £6200 respectively.

A wide range of Linn turntable specialists are staging 'Out of this World - LP12SE' events starting this week. They include:

  • Chris Brooks Audio, Warrington – 29 April
  • Cymbiosis, Leicester –  30 April
  • The Sound Organisation, York –  30 April
  • Audio Designs, West Sussex – 30 April
  • Sound Cinergy, Walsall – 01 May
  • Infidelity, Hampton Wick – 01 May
  • The Audio Room, Hull – 07 May 2009
  • Ljudkompaniet, Uppsala, Sweden – 07 May
  • The Sound Gallery, High Wycombe, UK – 07 May
  • Number One Audio, Leamington Spa - 12 May
  • Audio Synthese, Paris, France – 14-16 May
  • Castle Sound, Nottingham – 14 May
  • Ultimate Home, Gloucestershire – 14 May
  • High Fidelity, Kassel, Germany – 16 May
  • Lyric Hi-fi, Belfast – 19 May
  • Adventures in Hi-fi, Chester – 21 May
  • Musiikin, Helsinki, Finland – 26 May
  • Home Digital Systems, Barcelona, Spain – 27-29 May
  • Loud & Clear, Edinburgh – 28 May
  • Audio Excellence, Zevenbergen, Netherlands – 29-30 May
  • Tonlaget Hi-Fi, Gothenburg, Sweden – 01 June
  • Audio Projects, Leeds – 02 June
  • Radiyole, Gent, Belgium – 03 June
  • Kontrapunkt, Oslo, Norway – 03-04 June
  • Stereotypes, Brussels, Belgium – 04 June
  • Nottingham Hi-Fi, Nottingham – 09 June
  • Son Alta Fidelidad, Valencia, Spain – 10-12 June
  • Tonbild Spinnerei, Luzern, Switzerland – 11-14 June
  • Loud & Clear, Glasgow – 25 June

For details of all these events and to book, go to Linn's events website.