LG's new soundbar has a world-first centre up-firing speaker

LG's new soundbar has a world first centre up-firing speaker
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LG has unveiled its new soundbar ahead of CES next month, and it features a world first. The LG S95QR is the first soundbar with a centre up-firing speaker, promising to make dialogue clearer while also making surround sound more immersive.

The S95QR is a system comprising the soundbar, wireless subwoofer and two wireless rear speakers, producing 9.1.5 channels of output and 810W of power. It features larger woofers than LG's previous efforts, as well as wireless rear speakers with six channels instead of four. The whole package features five up-firing channels in all – three on the soundbar and two on the separate speakers. Which should help considerably when it comes to adding height to the audio output.

The soundbar also supports Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and IMAX Enhanced technologies, which will also help make the audio more immersive. 

LG claims the rear speakers distribute sound evenly across a 135-degree space, which gives you more flexibility when it comes to placement. It should also help in smaller, cramped spaces.

Thanks to the more sensitive receiver, you can place the subwoofer and rear speakers further away from the soundbar without impacting sound quality. Handy if you want to spread the system around a large room. Meridian Audio's Horizon technology is onboard too, enabling the soundbar to up-mix two-channel audio to 7.1 channels in music mode, to make it seem like you're in the studio with the musicians.

It also supports gaming features variable refresh rate (VRR) and auto low-latency mode (ALLM), which means the audio won't be out of step with the on-screen action. Though it doesn't support 4K 120Hz HDR passthrough for gaming.

You can control your streaming service, adjust the volume and change sound modes by speaking thanks to support for Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. And pair it with an LG Wowcast audio dongle (sold separately), and you can enjoy lossless multi-channel audio without running a cable to your TV.

Speaking of other LG devices, it plays well with LG TVs too, using the AI Sound Pro feature to enhance the audio so it sounds clearer and more lifelike. You can use one remote control for the TV and soundbar. And enhanced AI Room Calibration can tweak the audio output to match the room it's in.

It ships in 100 per cent recycled packaging and is made from a new composite carbon fibre that's lighter to reduce emissions during shipping.

There's no word on a price or release date yet, but we should find out more at CES 2022, which starts on 4th January. Stay tuned for all the news as it breaks.


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  • escargot
    Say what? ALLM and VRR have nothing to do with keeping audio in sync with “the on screen action”. VRR prevents screen tearing when the framerate drops during gaming, and ALLM just means you don’t have to manually switch Game Mode on and off as often.