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Lenovo has launched three new tablets at MWC 2016, two designed for the family, with the third aimed at business users. All three models feature Dolby Atmos sound technology.

The two family-friendly tablets are the TAB3 7 and TAB3 8 (pictured), which both come with multi-user and child-friendly modes. Both run on 1GHz quad-core processors, have 5MP and 2MP rear and front-facing cameras and 4G LTE. Both also feature Dolby Atmos decoding, which Lenovo says delivers sound “that flows above and around the user” either with the headphones or built-in speaker. These models will be available from June 2016 for €119 and €149 respectively.

The TAB3 10 is designed for business use and comes preinstalled with Android for Work. It also has access to Google Play for Work apps and has various privacy management software installed too. It runs on a 1.3GHz quad-core processor, has a claimed 12-hour battery life and also features Dolby Atmos. The TAB3 10 will be available from July 2016, with pricing information yet to be announced.

Lenovo launched two smartphones and a tablet with Dolby Atmos at MWC 2015 and now has a total of 10 products in its repertoire with the audio technology.

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Dolby Now a Marketing Gimmick Only - No Technology Here

 Dolby Labs is a company in trouble.

Their primary business is licensing of what are now antiquated technologies to the computer industry. Most of these technologies have been replaced by methods that Dolby doesn’t own, or “open source” (free) technologies.

New systems like Dolby Atmos for the theater and Dolby Vision are seen as technologically inept, and competitors are gaining ground on Dolby in these markets.  Dolby has been unable to get these systems approved as standards, with standards organizations instead agreeing on "open standards", shunting Dolby Labs to the side.

So now Dolby is installing "Dolby Atmos" in tablets and telephones manufactured by third-tier companies. Further damaging the Dolby brand and holding the company up to ridicule. Atmos is a marketing gimmick only - it cannot possibly work.

Notice that none of the first-tier smartphone or tablet manufacturers have signed on to this Dolby marketing nonsense.

There have been only SALES by insiders of Dolby shares for the last two years. Even senior management is baling out of this company while the share price is at this level. Look for DLB to decline below $20 in the near term as their primary markets dry up.