Leema upgrades Antila CD player and Tucana amp

Leema Antila 2

The Antila II, which sells for £2735, uses the company's Active Differential Multi-DAC conversion, in which 20 24-bit/192kHz converters are employed to generate "a fully balanced signal entirely within the digital domain ensuring significantly reduced levels of noise and distortion".

To this is added an all-new output filter board, replacing several of the old player's surface-mount components with audiophile high-grade devices, and optimising circuit layout and component spacing.

Leema says this gives the player better detail and clarity, a lower noise floor and "improved spacial awareness".

The Tucana II amplifier, selling for £3425, draws on the design of the company's Atair IV mono power amp to give it similarly improved detail, dynamic range and clarity.

It's a dual-mono design, using three power transformers – one for each channel and the third for the control circuitry.

New for the MkII version are a front-mounted MP3 input, a balanced input, headphone amplification, a balance control and direct input selection with individually adjustable gain for each input.

Both models are available now, and will be reviewed in the magazine very soon.