Leema changes components midStream

leema stream updated

The player, which has risen in price from £1100 to £1195, now has the audiophile parts in place of the previous surface-mount components, the company saying that "the performance has substantially improved with distortion levels lowered by 16dB at 20kHz resulting in a much blacker background, finer high frequency detail and better spatial awareness".

So at least it shouldn't bump into things any more...

Retained from the original player are the sixteen 24-bit/192kHz multi-bit Delta-Sigma converters, with the output derived from "a fully balanced signal generated in the digital domain producing an incredibly real and tactile musical performance with almost no noise and distortion."

The player also retains the L-Drive single control for all CD functions, and is fully compliant with the company's Leema Intelligent Protocol System integrated remote control set-up.

This allows, for example, a single press of the L-Drive control to select play, fire up a compatible amplifier and select the CD input.