Kimber Hero AG
New interconnect range includes hybrid and all-silver versions; prices start from £130

Now available in the UK is the Hero range of interconnect cables from US manufacturer Kimber Kable.

The cables all use Limber's  woven geometry, but use four cores rather than three for improved cancellation of RFI, arranged in a GyroQuadratic geometry with dual Teflon insulation.

The standard version of the cable comes with VariStrand Hyper-pure copper conductors and Kimber Ultraplate phono plugs, and sells for £130 for a 0.5m pair, or £168 for 1m.

The range is also available in HB (hybrid) form, using two Hyper-pure copper conductors and two silver, with the option of either WBT 0102-Cu plugs, or silver WBT 0102-Ag. With the Cu plugs, a 0.5m pair of Kimber Hero HB is £479, and a 1m pair £723.

Finally, there's a silver (AG) version of the cables, using four Hyper-pure silver conductors. Fitted with the WBT 0102-Ag plugs, these cost £839 for 0.5m, and £1322 for a 1m pair.

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