Killzone 2 - Beautiful but dull?

With 7.1 audio and 720p graphics, Killzone 2 is the most cinematic game ever released, but it’s also proving controversial, as reviewers who suggest that it might be all gloss and no guts are being inundated with hate mail from PS3 owners desperate to see their platform get a ‘Halo Killer’.

Sadly, Killzone 2 hasn’t helped its own cause - the early levels are long and inconsistent, with few good weapons and fewer interesting plot developments, and anyone who doesn’t have hours to devote to the game could be forgiven for deciding that it’s a damp squib. Put the time in, however, and you’ll eventually find the game waking up, as you destroy bridges, wield arc cannons and find yourself immersed in the game’s dynamic soundtrack that adapts itself to suit the onscreen action. Visit The Leisure Lab for a full Killzone 2 review and game footage.