KEF's Award-winning Muo gets a new chrome finish

How do you improve on an Award-winner? While we might suggest engineering tweaks or a price drop, KEF has a different idea: add a premium finish.

The British company’s Muo portable wireless speaker, which picked up a What Hi-Fi? Award in 2015 (but couldn't hold its title last year thanks to the Dali Katch's arrival) will soon be available in a new reflective chrome finish.

The appropriately named KEF Muo Metal, which will arrive exclusively at Harrods later this month priced at £350, marks the latest collaboration between KEF and industrial designer Ross Lovegrove. Lovegrove also sculpted the British speaker company’s £140,000-per-pair flagship Muon, of which the Muo is a rather more modest descendent.

The innards remain unchanged over the original Muo - there are still dual 5cm drivers, a bass radiator and an internal sensor claiming to optimise the sound based on its orientation - so we’d expect it to possess a “clear, detailed and musical” performance.

No, the Muo’s new frock alone won’t be enough to ruffle the feathers of the aforementioned Dali - especially considering it attracts a rather hefty £100 premium over the existing gold, grey, silver, neptune, pink or orange finishes. But we have to admit it does look very nice indeed.


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