Kanto Audio's desktop speakers are here to give your gaming set-up a sonic shot in the arm

Black Kanto Audio ORA4 desktop speakers on a white background
(Image credit: Kanto)

Canadian speaker manufacturer Kanto Audio has unveiled a new pair of ORA4 powered desktop speakers at CES 2024, as it looks to build on the momentum created by its recently released smaller ORA desktop monitors. Kanto customers were reportedly keen on a larger version of the ORA speakers, hence the arrival of the bulkier, and more powerful, ORA4.

Kanto says the ORA4 are ideally suited for desktop use, and predominantly designed for music and gaming, with separate Class D amplifiers for the tweeter and woofer resulting in an audio presentation that boasts a "smooth, accurate frequency response". In total, there is a claimed output of 70W of power. A larger 10cm mid/bass drive unit alongside a 19mm silk dome tweeter should serve up "clear highs, detailed midrange, and an impressively powerful bass", according to Kanto.

The new desktop monitors feature Bluetooth 5.0 for connecting wirelessly, as well as an analogue line-in and a USB-C input for supporting audio files up to 24-bit/96kHz. You can also use the USB-C port to plug in multiple sources such as the new iPhone 15, PCs, Macs and most Android devices, as well as portable music players. While there's no HDMI input, you do get an output for adding in an external subwoofer if you want more bass.

Kanto Audio ORA4 rear input view close-up shot

The ORA4 features USB-C, Bluetooth and aux line-in inputs, plus an output for your subwoofer. (Image credit: Kanto)

The main speaker (that houses the inputs and power) sports a front dial for input selection and volume control, as well as an LED that changes colour to indicate the source being used. Initially launching in a black finish, Kanto Audio suggested other colourways will be potentially incoming depending on customer feedback. We were also shown optional stands designed specifically for the new speakers, made from solid steel with silicon bases for better grip, and a thread for securely screwing the unit into place. 

The Kanto Audio ORA4 powered speakers will be available from April 2024 and will set you back £349 / $399 per pair. We've already had a brief glimpse of the new units at this year's CES 2024, but they will be exhibited (alongside other Kanto speakers) at next month's Bristol Hi-Fi Show 2024, UK audio tech fans who didn't manage to jet out to Las Vegas for a few days.  


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  • bristollinnet
    I've been thinking of the Kanto Ora as possible desktop replacement, however there appears to be a limitation on USBC input - see here and now confirmed on Kanto website here - which suggests they are limited to 16/48 rather than the 'up to 24-bit/96kHz' that this WHF article suggests.

    It would be good to have WHF clarify the position so as to maintain their peerless reputation (cough) as champions of scrupulous veracity in their trade and consumer journalism.