JBL wireless headphones with Quincy Jones' voice hit CES 2017

Celebrity-endorsed headphones are nothing new, and Quincy Jones has a long-standing relationship with top US audio company Harman.

This year the Grammy-winning artist has turned his attention to the JBL E55BT Quincy Edition wireless headphones (pictured), which he has helped tune. Uniquely, these headphones feature voice prompts from Quincy Jones himself when you're customising your EQ or connecting them via Bluetooth.

They have a claimed 20-hour battery life and Bluetooth connectivity, and can handle 96kHz/24-bit audio when plugged in using the provided cable. There's also a "Quincy Jones Limited Edition Pouch" that comes with them.

If you want to try them out, they'll be available in May this year for $200.

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Harman has also has shown a new series of AKG-branded headphones at CES 2017, including the recent Award-winning AKG N40s. The rest of the line-up comprises the AKG N20LT, N25 and N30 - each of which have the Hi-Res audio badge on them.

The LT at the end of the N20LT stands, we assume, for Lightning, so you can use it with the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus - and, according to AKG, the connector "enables a lossless digital audio connection".

The AKG N20LT is priced at $150 (approximately £120), with a universal version that has a standard 3.5mm jack available for around £15 less.

Elsewhere in the range, the $200 (£160) AKG N25 headphones feature dual dynamic 6mm and a 9mm drivers, whereas the AKG N30 and N40 models have balanced armature drivers. Generally, these provide better isolation at the expense of some bass power.

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