Jamo returns with a new tilted speaker range and affordable surround sound packages

Jamo S7 speaker range
(Image credit: Jamo)

Jamo has launched a new series of passive speakers as part of what the Scandinavian brand is referring to as its 'rebirth', including two surround sound packages. The new Jamo Studio7 range comprises six models: two sizes of floorstanders (S7-27F, S7-25F), two types of bookshelf speakers (S7-17B, S7-15B) and a pair of centre channel speakers (S7-25C, S7-43C), all with a 7° time alignment tilt.

Each cabinet is mounted on an angled plinth that houses the speaker crossover. According to Jamo, the striking incline is designed to ensure a coherent sound stage and time-align the acoustic centres of each drive unit to help minimise timing anomalies.

Jamo S7

(Image credit: Jamo)

The range features refreshed driver technology, too, with an updated 25mm tweeter using a faraday ring for improved sensitivity and reduced non-linear distortion, while its high-frequency waveguide has been optimised using the brand's COMSOL software. Jamo says that the tweeter and surround have been designed to produce a non-fatiguing yet detailed sound. 

At the low end, the woofers feature “Thor’s Hammer” embossed paper cones and motor assemblies incorporating aluminium inductance shorting rings to enhance power handling and lower distortion by acting as a heat sink.

Inside, the cabinet walls are thicker than on previous models (15mm MDF with 18mm front baffle) and braced. This, Jamo claims, will allow for more low-level detail and increases resolution when playing at different output levels compared with models from other manufacturers.

Jamo S7 speaker range

(Image credit: Jamo)

Each cabinet rests on a sealed plinth that houses its crossover, a location which Jamo says minimises the possibility of any interaction between the powerful bass driver magnet and the inductors in the crossover. All speakers in the S7 range have a two-way reflex design, and the crossover uses components carefully chosen by the brand, including Mylar and non-polarised electrolytic capacitors, along with iron and air core inductors, and 25W resistors.

The Jamo Studio7 range is available in two vinyl colourways – Blue Fjord and Grey Cloud – to echo 'the chromatic palette of Scandinavian landscapes'.

The Jamo S7 floorstanders are priced at £950 (around $1060/AU$1656) for the S7-27F and £800 (around $894/AU$1394) for the S7-25F. The bookshelf models start at £450 (around $502/AU$784) for the S7-15B and £550 (around $614/AU$958) for the S7-17B; the S7-25C and S7-43C centre channels are priced at £300 (around$335/AU$523) and £330 (around $368/AU$574), respectively.

All the S7 loudspeakers are rated for 4 ohms. The largest floorstander, the S7-27F, sports a 25mm vented tweeter with a fabric dome and dual 17cm woofers for a claimed frequency range of 67 Hz - 21 kHz and peak SPL of 107.8 dB. Stepping down to the S7-25F, the same tweeter is partnered by two 14cm woofers producing frequencies from 69 Hz - 21 kHz and a peak SPL of 107 dB.

Jamo S7 speaker range

(Image credit: Jamo)

Meanwhile, the S7-17B bookshelf speaker has a 17cm woofer paired with its 25mm tweeter for a response of 64 Hz - 25 kHz and a peak SPL of 104.2 dB. The smaller S7-15B swaps this for a 14cm woofer and a range of 71 Hz - 22 kHz, with a 102.6 dB peak SPL.

Finally, the S7-25C centre channel boasts dual 14cm drivers on either side of its 25mm tweeter for an 82 Hz - 21 kHz response and 107.2 dB peak SPL, while the slimmer, but more expensive S7-43C has four 8.4cm woofers flanking a central tweeter for a frequency response of 123 Hz - 21 kHz and peak SPL of 108.2 dB.

Two bundled home cinema sets are available: the S7-17HCS priced at £1300 (around $1446/AU$2264), comprising a pair of both bookshelf speakers and the lower profile S7-43C centre channel, or the S7-27F costing £1500 (around $1670/AU$1612) and containing a pair each of the smaller floorstanders and bookshelf speakers, with the larger S7-25C centre channel option.


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