Ixos XHP280
Ixos claims its XHP280 AV PowerStation will protect your hi-fi and home cinema equipment from potentially damaging power surges

If you've a stack of hi-fi and AV gear and want to protect it from unwanted power surges, check out the new Ixos XHP280 PowerStation mains surge protector.

It has eight 13A mains sockets for hooking up your system, comes with 'Ixosafe.T level 1 circuitry' to protect against voltage spikes as well as transients coming in via phone lines or an aerial, and has 'Tru-Power current filtration stage 1' to minimise RFI amd EMI noise.

Less noise in the mains supply means a clearer, cleaner picture from your AV system, says Ixos.

A 2m cable means the unit can easily be hidden out of site, and each socket is clearly labelled and colour coded.

The Ixos XHP280 is available now and costs £70.