isol8 vmc1080
New VMC1080 model sells for £189, and has been 'designed from the ground up' for video applications

This is the new VMC1080 mains conditioner from British power-conditioning company ISOL-8, and it's been designed specifically for use with plasma and LCD screens, and projectors.

The company says the new device, which sells for £189, will improve the picture and protect the display from mains spikes, while at the same time preventing noise from the display's power supply being fed back into the mains, where it can affect other equipment.

ISOL-8 says that while there is already interference on the mains when it comes into the home, the modern household has a lot of equipment able to further pollute the supply.

Dimmers, fridges and the like add local noise, radio devices – such as Wi-fi routers, Bluetooth units and baby alarms – add radiated noise, and power amps and AV receivers can also add power supply noise.

The company says that while the effects vary between displays, this noise "can affect the black-levels, actual picture noise levels, contrast, movement and more.

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"1080p HD signals suffer the most, but even SD signals can be improved. Generally the larger the display, the better the visible results.

"Often these negative effects are not really noticed until they are removed, and removing them can be a revelation."

This is the high-end brand's first video product. It's said to "provide a clean, stable and noise-free mains supply to any video display, to improve picture quality and protect against damaging voltage spikes."

To this end it filters frequencies affecting HD and standard-definition video signals, and filters out the noise that display power supplies generate.

Performance claims extend to "reduced motion artefacts, improved contrast, more vivid colours, better image depth and a sharper, more focused and less grainy picture".

The compact unit is designed to be mounted to a wall-bracket, the wall or even the back of the display itself, using a kit included with it. It comes complete an IEC-to-IEC connecting lead.

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