The Runco LS-100d
Runco launches high-end model designed for ultra-short-throw projection

Projector specialist Runco chose a chilly Wednesday morning at Amsterdam's ISE trade show to launch its LS-100d.

At an estimated $29,000 the LS-100d isn't exactly affordable, but having seen it in action we'd venture to suggest it might be worth the money (no UK price has been fixed as yet, but knowing the way these things often work we wouldn't be staggered to find it costing, oh, £29,000).

The LS-100d can be mounted flush to the projection screen, either above or below, and at just 46cm deep it's not obtrusive. From this unpromising position it's capable of delivering a bright, crisp and colourful image of 94 diagonal inches – a frankly amazingly big picture from a projector sited directly in front of the screen. 

Yes, the price is problematic, but the LS-100d is quite an achievement. When it goes on sale in the UK (which will be sooner rather than later according to Runco's Jennifer Davis) we'll be first in the queue for a review sample.

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