Intempo RDI-02
First to market with an iPod dock that also boasted DAB and FM, Intempo has now tweaked its flagship iPod speaker system

Intempo has launched a new version of its multi-functional iPod dock. The RDI-02 is fully iPhone compatible and also has DAB and FM radio.

There's a fully functional touchscreen on the device as well as increased power output under the shell, now delivering 50 watts.

An alarm with snooze functionality is included, there are radio presets for your favourite stations, an auxiliary input for connecting other music players, plus headphone and video outputs.

Bernadette Spofforth, Intempo's brand director, said: ““The new RDI-02 is bigger, badder and better than the previous model and we think its going to be even more popular.” 

Available from Argos, Amazon, Comet, Makro and Best Buy, it's yours for £150. 

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