IFA NEWS: Epson's new projectors look to cover all bases

Epson has announced four new home cinema projectors, including two complete projector 'systems' complete with built-in DVD players and speakers, plus a high end model that boasts a claimed 50,000:1 contrast ratio.

Looking to cement its position as the worldwide leader in the projector's market – helped by the company's leading position in America and Asia – Epson announced the release of the new projectors today at the IFA Show in Berlin. The four new models will join two existing units, the EMP-TW700 and EMP-TW1000, that will remain available.

If it's portability and versatility that you're after, then take a look at the EMP-DM1 (above). This unit advertises its portability with a handy carry handle, which coupled with weighing only 3.8kg makes it easy to move from room to room.

There is a DVD player built-in and also a pair of stereo speakers for your sound – just plug and play for the big screen experience. You can also use the USB input to access digital music and pictures.

Don't expect to see the HD-Ready, there's no digital video input here and it's 480p resolution all the way, but then this isn't a product aimed at impressing home cinema purists clearly.

Conversely a tie-in with Disney that delivers a free Jungle Book DVD when you buy should appeal to the younger generation. The EMP-DM1 looks set to retail at around £450.

Sticking to the portable theme, the EMP-TWD10 (above) is a projector system with a twist. Literally in fact, as this machine is split horizontally, with the DVD unit on the bottom and the projector lens on top. This ensures that you can have access to the disc tray from both sides depending on where you place it in your room.

This projector is HD Ready thanks to an HDMI input, and boasts four rather than two speakers for sound. But perhaps the stand-out feature is the inclusion of an 80in projection screen. Yep, a whole screen. The 'TWD10 'system' will sell for around £800.

Next up come the two more serious home cinema products, the EMP-TW680 and the flagship EMP-TW2000. The '680 is a 720p/1080i HD Ready projector, offering 1600 lumens brightness and a claimed contrast ratio of 10 000:1.

Operating at a pleasantly quiet 26db, it also offers high level lens shift allowing, in theory, for a relatively painless set-up. It will retail at approximately £700.

Last but far from least is the EMP-TW2000 (above), complete with its 'look at me' 50 000:1 claimed contrast ratio. It's a full HD, 1920 x 1080 resolution projector that's capable of displaying 1080p content at the optimum 24 frames per second.

Boasting a wealth of Epson's proprietary software such as Deep Black technology, the second generation 3LCD panel and 12 bit colour processing, it also offers two HDMI 1.3 connections. If you like the sound of that, start saving – it's set to retail somewhere around £2500-£3000 mark.

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