IFA 2014: TCL takes on OLED with 55in Quantum Dot 4K TV

TCL's new 4K screen aims to deliver "crisp 100 NTSC (National Television System Committee) colour gamut performance" through the use of Colour IQ technology from QD Vision, one of the leading manufacturers of quantum dot components for HDTVs.

Quantum Dot (QD) technology is said to work in a similar way to OLED, with light supplied on demand. Where OLED differs, however, is in the way the LEDs can eventually degrade and are sensitive to humidity and oxidation. Quantum dots, meanwhile, can support large displays but don't degrade.

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It uses blue LEDs wrapped in red and green quantum dots which are then embedded in the edges of the TV. Each LED is then able to create blue, red and green light, resulting - in theory - in more colour compared to other OLED sets.

According to TCL and QD Vision, most mainstream LCD TVs deliver 60-70 per cent of the NTSC colour gamut standard. The new TCL with Colour IQ tech is claimed to deliver 100% of the same standard, by comparison.

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QD Vision CEO Jason Carlson said: "Many TV manufacturers are launching 4K TVs this year. TCL's bold leadership recognises that adding full-gamut colour at an accessible price creates a really strong differentiator, and a superior value for TCL customers.

"This is a world-class system that sets a high bar for the rest of the industry."

TCL hasn't released specific information of model number of price, but the new TVs will initally be available in China. A full worldwide release is expected at a later date.

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