Sony SMP-N200
Add this simple box to your telly and at a stroke you'll have an internet capable TV

Got an older telly, want to connect it to the internet but don't want to have to splash out on a brand-new smart TV?

Sony reckons it has the answer in this, the SMP-N200 network player. Hook it up to your TV via HDMI, connect it to your home broadband via wi-fi or ethernet and away you go.

The device brings Bravia Internet Video – with BBC iPlayer, LoveFilm and Demand 5 – directly to your screen, and the XrossMedia bar allows you to navigate the content of your choice.

You can also control the SMP-N200 using one of Sony's new tablets announced at IFA this afternoon, or via an iPhone or Android device.

The unit can stream films in high definition and 3D (assuming you have a 3D TV), and DLNA compatibility enables you to enjoy photos, music and movies stored on other devices via your home TV.

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Users can browse Facebook while watching telly, surf the web or 'throw' (ie transfer) content from a Sony tablet directly on to the screen.

There's also a USB port for connecting external drives, and Sony includes to its '3D Experience', a new, free on-demand 3D streaming service.

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