IFA 2010: Toshiba goes big on 3D and cloud-based portal service

Toshiba 55ZL1

- Toshiba offers integrated 3D across the range. A "very exciting" range of TVs for 2010/11.

- Toshiba Places portal will offer paid-for downloadable content. Trailled in France, it will be rolled out across the rest of Europe and works on a variety of devices. Hot on the heels of Facebook Places, then...

- Key to cloud-based service is accessing content, buying content and sharing it, says Toshiba. Aim is for people to access and store content on TV, PC or tablet. Content is King seems to be a theme once more in many of today's press conferences.

- Toshiba Places will include Toshiba Market Place where owners can buy multimedia content and special services. Will launch in France later this year, with the rest of the Europe following in 2011.

- Next from Toshiba is a set-top box for watching web content on your TV.

- The latest tablet to join the party is Toshiba's Folio 100. A 10.1in tablet with Android 2.2 (so flash support), SD card slot, HDMI out, USB, support for 1080p video. The Folio 100 will be available in Q4 of this year for £329.

- More on Toshiba's Folio 100: the 10.1in tablet has a touchscreen, webcam, wifi, Bluetooth, 7-hour battery life and weighs 760g - twice the weight of the Samsung Galaxy Tab announced earlier today.

- Now we're on to 3D: Toshiba's focus is on 3D Blu-ray, 3D gaming and 2D to 3D conversion. There's a new 3D capable Blu-ray player due in Q4 of this year.

- Toshiba Qosmio F60 laptop has a Blu-ray 3D drive, streaming to 3DTV via HDMI and 2D to 3D video player.

- Now it's the turn of Toshiba TVs: flagship Toshiba 55ZL1 TV has been designed by Jacob Jensen and sports the new Toshiba Cevo engine - goodbye Cell, hello Cevo.

- And Resolution+ is back again, now in the form of 3D Resolution+ and promising to upscale 'lower resolution' side-by-side 3D TV broadcasts.

- Toshiba WL768 Series TVs due in Q4 will have edge-lit LED backlighting, 3D Resolution+, Intelligent 3D, super-slim design and one pair of active shutter glasses.

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