Icon Audio Stereo 60MkIIIm/KT150
New valve amps get improved KT150 tube, also available as an upgrade on older models

Icon Audio is upgrading its existing range of valve amps with the fitment of the new Tung Sol KT150 tube. The company says the KT150 can be used in single-ended, ultralinear and triode designs.

From today, the Icon Audio Stereo 60MkIIIm integrated amplifier (above), Stereo 60P MkIIIm power amp, and the MB30se, MB90 MkIIm and MB150 monoblocs are available with the new KT150 valve.

Owners of selected previous model Audio KT120/KT88 designs can also get the KT150 fitted as an upgrade.

Prices for the new models are as follows:

Icon Audio Stereo 60MkIIIm/KT150 £2600

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Icon Audio Stereo 60P MkIIIm/KT150 £2200

Icon Audio MB30se/KT150 (per pair) £2100

Icon Audio MB90 MkIIm/KT150 (per pair) £2900

Icon Audio MB150/KT150 (per pair) £3700

By Andy Clough


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