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HOT DEALS: Audio T winter sale now on

Audio T winter sale

There are even bigger discounts on selected items, including:

Arcam Solo Mini micro system £595 (save £170)

Marantz M-CR502DAB micro £325 (save £74)

Denon D-M38DAB £185 (save £44)

Arcam Solo Neo £1349 + free pair of Monitor Audio Silver RX1 speakers worth £399

Pioneer NAS5 iPod dock £199 (half price)

Sonos BU250 bundle £739 (save £60)

Arcam FMJ CD17/A18/T32 £469 each (save £146)

Arcam FMJ BDP100 Blu-ray player + AVR500 AV receiver combo £2999 (save £556 + free QED cable)

Denon AVR-1911 AV receiver £329 (save £120)

Pioneer BDP-LX52 Blu-ray player £249 (half price)

Pioneer VSX-920 £359 (save £140 when collected in store)

Pioneer SC-LX83 £1699 (save £300)

Please note that the above offers are not available from the Brighton, Cheltenham, Oxford, Epsom, Reading, Southampton or Tunbridge Wells stores, but are available online. There are more offers on the Audio T web store.

Audio T has also extended its opening hours, with all stores open on Monday December 13th, 20th and 27th and some on Sunday 19th.

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