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Fuse in-ears bring modular design to Bluetooth headphones

Most in-ear headphones come with a simple carry case, but thanks to their modular design, Ashley Chloe's Fuse in-ears offer something a little different.

Spotted at CES 2017, the wireless Fuse earbuds knit together via a connector to form a pill-shaped module which can then be used with various storage options. There's a home charger for docking the earbuds and a more protective, portable charger for on the move. For the style-conscious, Ashley Chloe also offers pendant and bracelet storage solutions.

15 minutes of charging via one of the docks should be enough for around one hour of music playback.

Unlike some in-ears that use plastic or metal housings, the Fuse headphones use a ceramic housing in a unibody design. It's claimed that this coating improves their Bluetooth connectivity.

The headphones are also waterproof, scratch-resistant and even manage to pack in noise-cancelling technology.

The Fuse in-ears are expected to launch in the US in the spring, priced $200. Currently, there's no word on a UK launch.

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