Focal's clever in-car speaker kits will supercharge the hi-fi of some Tesla models

Interior of a Tesla fitted with Focal speakers
(Image credit: Focal)

The world of aftermarket in-car audio has changed massively over the last decade or so, but to its credit, Focal is doing its bit to keep things alive with its clever Plug & Play range of speaker kits.

The idea behind them is quite simple, really. To allow owners of certain vehicles the opportunity to upgrade their sound systems with minimal hassle.

They already exist for more than 800 models from the likes of BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Porsche and now you can add Tesla and its Model 3 and Model Y cars to that list.

There are a total of four compatible kits available, with each one offering a different speaker upgrade depending on the car model.

Focal speaker kits for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y

(Image credit: Focal)

The kits are made in France and the line-up consists of a 2-way component kit (IS T3Y 100), a 2-way coaxial kit (IC T3Y 100), a centre speaker set-up (ICC T3Y 100) and two woofers (IW T3Y 200). Flax fibre and glass fibre sandwich cones are used throughout with inverted dome tweeters used either coaxially (IC T3Y 100) or as stand-alone components depending on the kit that you choose.

Pick the relevant kit(s) and Focal has created handy video tutorials to guide you through the installation process. Don't worry about whether you've got all the right tools for the job – each kit also comes with all the relevant mounting accessories to help all the speaker swapping run as smoothly as possible. Pricing is TBC.


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