Final's new flagship D7000 planar magnetic headphones promise to bring the bass

Final D7000 planar magnetic headphones
(Image credit: Final)

After spending some time developing its range of wireless headphones, Final has returned its attentions to its high-end roots and announced a new addition to its flagship planar magnetic headphones.

The D7000 sit alongside the D8000 and D8000 Pro Edition as a flagship product, and feature a lightweight machined aluminium-magnesium alloy for their housing, Final’s proprietary driver technology, as well as a newly improved Air Film Damping System (AFDS), for greater efficiency and deeper bass.

With conventional planar magnetic headphones, the driver unit is normally designed to limit the lowest bass frequency produced, to prevent the diaphragm from coming into contact with the magnet when playback volume is high.

In the D7000, the AFDS helps to solve this problem, and can lower the frequency of the bass tones that the driver can reproduce without distortion.

A close up of the Final D7000 planar magnetic headphones' earcup

(Image credit: Final)

This creates a uniquely rich and smooth sound signature that sets the D7000 apart from other D-series models, delivering all the delicate high frequencies that you’d expect from planar-magnetic cans, but with the powerful, open and low frequencies of dynamic drivers.

This is only helped further by Final’s newly developed open-type earpads, which use a unique Washi material – a type of Japanese paper that promises durability, air permeability and moisture control, as well as antibacterial properties.

Such a breathable material helps to further enhance the bass capability of the D7000 AFDS driver, by helping to further nurture a natural openness to its sound.

Final has also developed its new pinna-aligned diffuser for the D7000, to help combat the effect that varying shapes and sizes of the human ear has to sound. The diffuser shape was created after many rounds of simulations and hearing experiments, and aims keep the sound of the headphones consistent for everyone.

The Final D7000 come with a pretty hefty lockable carry case and a three-metre detachable fibre optic cable with 6.3mm headphone socket. They are available now for £2,999 / $3,499.


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    What Hi-Fi? said:
    The Final D7000 come with a pretty hefty lockable carry case and a three-metre detachable fibre optic cable with 6.3mm headphone socket.
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    Please try to be more accurate, this is not the first obvious mistake, I have noticed recently on this site.