Fatman Carbon
Fatman's Carbon was good but not great, receiving a four-star review when last we saw it, but it's coming back for more with a healthy array of tweaks and upgrades

We've just taken delivery of a Fatman iTube ValveDock Carbon, which will be thrown head first straight in to a Group Test for our September issue (yes, really). But it's not just any old 'we've-already-given-it-four-stars' Carbon. Oh no, this is a Version 2.0.

As with many hi-fi manufacturers the mainly internal changes have been incorporated without any great song and dance – well, apart from an email from the PR person announcing them! – and without a name change or obvious model update.

The main difference is a new transformer, which increases output power to 25 watts - a good sign, given that we found the original Carbon simply didn't go loud enough. Elsewhere there's a host of small, but in their own way important, changes.

The chip required for video streaming from the latest iPods is now on board, while there's also a 3.5mm input alongside the tweaked iPod holder. The chassis, speakers and remote control have all been under the knife, too, albeit apparently for the most minor of cosmetic procedures.

So has it all been worthwhile? We'll let you know in our September issue...