Epos delivers innovative Epic speaker range

Epos Epic 2

The speakers have a removable front panel, covering all the fixings for the drivers, and can be used with this panel in place, or with it removed and a simple flush-fit 'audiophile' grille attached. In addition conventional cloth-covered grilles are provided.

The Epic 1 speaker stands just 31cm tall, uses a 25mm soft dome tweeter and a 15cm mid/bass driver with a polypropylene cone, and delivers 88dB/W/m sensitivity and 4ohm nominal impedance.

Its frequency response is 51Hz-25kHz, and its power handling is 100W, with the minimum amplifier power requirement 20W. Epos says that its ability to be used close to a rear wall – the minimum recommended distance is just 10cm – makes it suitable for bookshelf or stand-mounted use.

The Epic 2 (£425/pr) is a larger standmounter, using the same tweeter and a 17.9cm mid/bass driver. Power handling is 120W, the sensitivity rises to 90dB/W/m, the frequency response 48Hz-25kHz, and the speaker is 41.5cm tall.

The floortstander in the range is the £750/pr Epic 5, which is 91.5cm tall, or 98cm when fitted with its plinth – designed to increase its footprint for greater stability – and spikes. It uses the same 25mm tweeter, but with a 17.9cm mid/bass unit and a bass driver of the same size.

It's suitable for use with amps of up to 200W, offers 92dB/W/m sensitivity and has a frequency response of 45Hz-25kHz.

All the speakers are built from 18mm MDF, are rear-ported and biwirable, and come in a choice of cherry or black ash vinyl wrap.

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