Ecosse celebrates 25th anniversary with new "world beater" budget speaker cable

 ECOSSE CS2.15 Mk2
(Image credit: Ecosse)

Ecosse is celebrating its 25th anniversary with the release of a new loudspeaker cable, the CS2.15 Mk2, which the company believes is a "world beater".

Priced at £10 (around $12, AU$17) per metre, the CS2.15 Mk2 uses a solid conductor, as opposed to a stranded one, which Ecosse says has been designed to mitigate against unwanted high-frequency attenuation by reducing resistance. While a low DC resistance helps to maintain low-frequency extension and control. 

The conductors comprise two circular cores made of high purity oxygen-free copper that are interlaced with cotton fibres and bound in cotton paper. A high-grade polypropylene forms the dielectric, while on the outside a soft PVC cladding protects the cable.

Ecosse says that the construction of the CS2.15 Mk2 ensures that it has a high rejection of RFI, EMI and ESI as well as being mechanically damp and less susceptible to microphony. 

The result, according to the Scottish company, is "an improved sense of ambience and larger soundstage; vocals are clearer with real presence and natural breath tones; glare and edginess give way to a sweeter and more detailed treble".


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