It wouldn't be the first time a punter has been on the end of a short, sharp rebuttal, supposedly from Apple boss Steve Jobs

We know that Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, has had plenty on his plate these last few months, but is this email really the man himself labelling an unhappy shopper a 'jerk'?

If the emails are to be believed, Steve Jobs is a man of few words but one who every now and again likes to reply personally to punters to set them straight.

John Murphy had reached his wits end with Apple's customer service, so having uncovered an email address supposedly for Steve Jobs himself, he thought he'd drop him a line.

John went to great lengths to tell his new pal Steve about the problems he'd encountered in his attempts to get a new charger for his daughter's Apple MacBook.

And lo and behold, he got an answer – complete with a mild insult, a typo and the new 'Sent from my iPad' signature:

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Sorry you are unhappy with us.  But you really sound like a jerk by talking to our support staff this way.  Can you please explain you troubles (on more time) to me?

Sent from my iPad 

A quick search of the internet will show any number of grouchy email responses supposedly from Steve Jobs' account, but no sign of a denial from Apple or the man himself.

As for John Murphy? Well, after his brush with the big man, he's still trying to get hold of a new charger for his daughter's MacBook...

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