Densen DNRG power supply
New offboard power supply designed to boost the performance of most of the company's current range

Densen has added a new offboard power supply to its range. The DNRG - The Energy, geddit? - will sell for £500, and is designed as an upgrade for almost all of the products in the current line-up.

The company has been promising this power supply for a long time, but now it's here, in what's called a DP-Drive-sized cabinet, meaning it's about a quarter of the width of a standard full-width Densen component.

The transformer feeds over 100,00uF of storage capacity and filtering, and the unit comes complete with all the cables needed to to connect to the components it supplies.

It can be used with all current Densen integrated amps, all the company's tuners, and its top-of-the-line preamp, the B-250.

Densen says the delayed launch was all about getting the product right, and that it's "certain the DNRG is a significant upgrade to all Densen products, not only the more inexpensive models.

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"The result is a upgrade that belies its price, and improves the sound on all crucial parameters: dynamics, details, soundstage, transparency and musicality are significantly better, and [it] results in an even more fluid presentation of the music."

The DNRG is available now, in black or 'albino'.